Virginia Sports Photography | Richmond Ruckus 16U Softball Team Portraits

Richmond Ruckus 16U Softball is in for an incredible fall season. These girls are playing showcases all over the state and are excited to be out there showing their skills to college recruiters. It’s insane to think that most of the team is made up of High School freshmen and sophomores, but they’re already so focused on college! It’s impressive! The team asked me to come out to a recent practice to take some updated portraits of the girls. They use these portraits on their “player guide” that gets handed to the scouts as well as their website. I played softball for my entire childhood, so I felt immediately at home being back around all of this excitement again! Sports photography definitely isn’t in my usual wheelhouse, but it was a blast to do something a little different. We were able to get some great portraits of the team and even had time to sneak in a few quick fun shots of a few of girls in action before they had to actually buckle down and focus on practice. These girls do play in a competitive league after all!

Oh yeah, right before practice started they got an amazing surprise. We had to be a little tricky and try to get the girls to look the other way right before, but once they turned around they were all SO shocked and happy to see one of their favorite coaches who had just returned from a military deployment! Welcome back coach!