Surprise Vow Renewal | Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer

OH MY GOSH! You guys this has to be one of the coolest things that i’ve had the honor to photograph!

Matthew contacted me just a few weeks back with the plan to surprise his wife for their anniversary. Now this wasn’t just going to be any anniversary surprise, he had been working to surprise her with a sweet vow renewal ceremony at their favorite beach spot in Virginia Beach! How sweet is that?
I arrived at the beach to see Matthew in his full USMC uniform working with friends to assemble a flower lined aisle with chairs for their closest friends. He had also flown in family, including his brides parents as a surprise! Once everything was set, all we had to do was wait. Anxiously!

Boy oh boy was she shocked! She arrived at the beach with her best friend and was handed a bouquet of flowers. The started walking toward a group of people and slowly realized “those are MY people!” I love that quote that she later told me.

She was so shocked that she still had her purse on her shoulder! I had to ask her friend to go get it from her! Complete shock!

I didn’t have a lot of time with these two because they needed to make a lunch reservation down the beach with their family and friends, but we took a few minutes for some portraits of them. Matthew will be getting out of the military before long and wanted to really capture this time in their lives on their fifth wedding anniversary in their favorite place. Love it!