Niranjani & Jon | The Boathouse at Mercer Lake Wedding Photographer

When Niranjani and Jon walked into their reception to “Good Life” by Kanye, I knew we were simpatico. Actually I knew it much earlier in the day. You know when you just vibe with someone? I had those good vibes from Niranjani from the minute I met her – about 14 hours earlier.

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Typically I meet my brides months or even a year before their wedding day. This wedding was different for me – I was second shooting. For those not in the wedding world, it basically means another photographer hired me to photograph the wedding alongside them. So I walked into this wedding day having no clue who the bride and groom were other than being CC’ed on a few emails earlier that week.

Niranjani and Jon had a traditional (slightly Americanized) Indian wedding ceremony. I’ll let you check out and read the blog post if you want to know more about it, but long story short: 4AM bridal prep, 3 hour wedding ceremony, lots of flowers and blessings, lunch, a 15 minute cat nap and onto bridal prep round 2 for the evening reception! Whew! N was literally nodding off in the chair while getting her hair and makeup done for the second time. I joined her and photographed this round of bridal prep and a few fun details.

The reception was held at the gorgeous Boathouse at Mercer Lake in Windsor, NJ. For those unfamiliar with smaller cities of New Jersey – it’s near Trenton and Princeton. For those unfamiliar with any New Jersey cities – it’s basically midway between Philadelphia and New York City.

The wedding vendors totally crushed it with decorating the reception space. The colors, the florals, everything was so beautiful. I loved the mixed floral arrangements from table to table and I always love some purple lighting in an otherwise bright and airy reception hall.

Welcome to the Good Life

It’s wedding reception time and you know we’ve gotta kick it off with a first dance! N & J spent four months learning their first dance and it didn’t disappoint! They truly knocked it out of the park. It included many different styles of dance and really seamlessly blended together. Plus they had the biggest smiles on their faces the entire time!

Niranjani and her dad also had a super sweet first dance that ended with them pulling out sunglasses and going FAR from traditional. They stayed and everyone was shocked.

With the cake cutting, dancing, and toasting out of the way – it was time to party! I cannot stress this enough – these guys came to party! Niranjani’s family even has a special dance that they always do at big family gatherings. One of her aunts warned me that it wasn’t too be missed and I’m so glad I stayed late to see it. T

he whole evening was just filled with so much love and happiness. I could tell that each and every one of these people truly love Niranjani and Jon. Family joined them from near and far quite literally! Some live just minutes from the venue and others flew an entire day just to celebrate with them. N & J actually live in Alexandria, VA – just outside of Washington D.C. (so I wasn’t the only one representing VA). The room was filled with tons of light and happiness and it really felt like a union of these two large families! I join their family and friends in wishing them many, many years of happiness.

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