Photos by Costola Photography

I love that photography allows me to be creative, while still challenging me to be very technical. I love when I can be behind the camera, looking for the best angles with amazing glowy light, but also cracking jokes and chatting with my sweet clients. Authentic laughs and the moments “in-between” are what I live for. It's those sweet little things that happen naturally between a couple that's madly in love and I’m over the moon excited that I get to spend my days capturing them!

My husband is quite literally my best friend and that's why he's pictured next to me here. A few years back, he taught me everything he knew about photography and we've slowly been building this business together ever since. Although he still works another day job, it’s our hope that one day he’ll join me in photography full-time so we can serve even more amazing clients. He can't be at every single session or wedding, I promise that he's a huge part of this photography team and is cheering you on just like I am! Our kind of relationship is exactly what we wish for in each of our amazing couples and probably why so many of our clients turn into friends!

Best friends. Team mates. Equals. That's how you'll not only get through, but also thrive in this crazy world. A little laughter and a whole lotta lovin.

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