It seems like most "About Me" pages are people sharing that they wanted to do this profession since they were little... but that's not true for me. No, I had a much more realistic idea of what my life should be. I assumed I'd go into a math or science based field... something practical. I was always very practical and never much of a dreamer. I also had no idea that I wanted to be a photographer until I was one. I took one high school photography class and it's the only class I ever ditched! Seriously!

My life truly changed in a monumental way when I met my first serious boyfriend, Tony. When we met, he was the one with real photography dreams and he was sweet enough to teach me everything he knew. I loved the creative side of photography as well as the very practical/mathematical side. I was hooked on not only photography, but also on Tony and we've been together for alomst 10 years now!

Over time my style has evolved to be a bit softer and more about capturing those genuine moments. Yes, we still do our best to capture the smiley "perfect" photos that our clients can send out at Christmas, but we know that the ones you'll really cherish forever are the small intimate moments between poses with your partner or the way you look at each other when I'm not giving directions and that silly toothless grin on your six-year-old... It's those things that happen naturally between a couple that's madly in love or a playful family. As sappy as it sounds; these moments are fleeting so I do my best to capture them genuinely. So years from now when you look back at an image, all of the memories from this season in your life will come flooding back to you.

Tony still works a full-time gig, but our dream is that someday we'll be blessed enough to have him join me in photography full-time so we can serve even more amazing clients. Basically, I just want to love my husband, travel, pet all of the puppies, and bring joy to as many people as I can.

Our story has evolved a lot over the years and we're so thankful to be continually adding new and exciting chapters. We hope you'll be a part of our story and let us document yours.