First thing you need to know about me is that I absolutely love my job! I get to  meet amazing couples and chat about their love story all while doing my favorite thing, taking portraits! It’s a huge blessing and honor every time someone hires me to photograph them and I'm thankful for each and every opportunity! My business really thrives on referrals and I get giddy everytime an email comes through saying "so and so" referred us! It's like my sweet little circle just keeps growing and expanding to new parts of the globe. 

When I'm "off the clock" I love traveling and exploring new places. I’ve been to eight countries and can’t wait to see more of this beautiful world! I have a favorite gelato shop in Rome, a favorite place to watch the sunrise in Paris, and a favorite cafe in Taormina. I could also give you turn by turn directions for just about any ride or snack cart in what I consider to be a second home, Walt Disney World.  As much as I love new places, I’m a total introvert. I’m more than happy to spend my evenings sitting on the couch eating entirely too much popcorn and watching buddy cop movies with my husband... or kicking his butt at Mario Kart.

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